If your clothes don't fit any more, or if they became out of date, I'd be happy to alter them.
  You can find the price list for alterations here:

I also do a special type of alteration called"universal design" alteration. That is to alter clothing for people who have a physical disability. I started to think about the universal design alteration when I saw my 9 year-old daughter putting on different styles of clothes by combining them in her own unique ways. She loves to dress up, and we all do. But what if someone has a physical difficulty to put on his or her favorite clothes? Is there a way to make it easy for that person? A solution was the "universal design" alteration.
  By making a hole on the clothes, or opening from the front, not in the back, a physically challenged person can wear the clothes that would otherwise be too difficult to put on. 
If you have such needs, please talk to me. I will give you a free estimate. (Please note, I will charge a packing fee for hospitals or assist homes).